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Frequently Asked Questions



 What’s the goal of Seaglass Village?

A: Our goal is to provide services to seniors in our communities that enable them to stay in their own homes and to foster connections for socialization among themselves and in the wider community.


Q: Where are we in the process of developing Seaglass Village?

A:      Despite the pandemic, we continue to speak to community groups, individuals and service providers to build the foundation for the Village.  Our goal is to launch the Seaglass Village mid 2021 with at least 30 Members and 30 Volunteers.


Q:   What is the proposed service area? 

A:    The greater Swampscott, Nahant and Marblehead communities will be the initial focus. Once we are established, we hope to expand into neighboring communities.


Q: Who will provide these services?

A: We will recruit Volunteers from the community who want to help seniors stay in their own homes. Sometimes Members will also provide services for each other.  A list of vetted service providers will be developed to provide more professional tasks.


Q:   Will housing be available? 

A:   No. The Village movement’s focus is to help Members stay in the home of their own choosing.  There will, however, be a list of resources for those who may, at some point, want to explore shared housing or assisted living. 


Q:   Who selects the recommended providers or vendors? 

A:   We are developing a list of vetted providers of all sorts of services – from home repair to home care. Suggestions from Seaglass Village Volunteers, friends, and neighbors are welcome. This list of recommended vendors will be available for Members only.  We welcome inquiries from potential service vendors!  Please email us at


Q:   Does the Village duplicate services that are already available elsewhere? 

A:  We are focused on collaboration, not competition. Our plan is not to duplicate existing services, but rather to complement and serve as a "super connector". We are actively reaching out to other non-profit, municipal, educational and cultural organizations in the area to explore how we might work together.  As we bring volunteers and members on board, we will help connect and make use of these important community resources.


Q:   Right now,  I don’t “need” any Village services. 

A:   The Village concept is about more than providing needed services –it’s about providing Members the connections and information to give them the confidence to face changes and get the help when they need it.  Starting as a Volunteer is a great way to learn about the Village and have those connections in place should you need services in the future.  Many members of current villages started as Volunteers!


Q:   What type of an organization is this? 

A:  The Seaglass Village is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Corporation.  We are managed by a Board of Directors – all serving as volunteers.  In addition, we are building active teams of Volunteers working hard to build the foundation of this Village so that we can serve our members and community. 


Q:   How much will it cost to be a Member? 

A:   Our Membership Team is evaluating a tiered membership. There will be a set price for an individual and less than double for a household. We are looking to fundraise to keep the membership dues below $30/month for an individual, or $50 a month for a household.  That is less than weekly rides for groceries/medical appointments or having someone come to your house for simple handyman services. 


Q:   Would other funding be available? 

A:   We are committed to making the Village accessible for everyone who needs it. We will have a number of low-income memberships available for a nominal fee for those who qualify.   It’s important to keep our dues affordable.  We will be actively looking at all funding options, including individual and corporate contributions, and foundations to provide additional support.


Q:   How will services be provided to members? 

A:   Once we launch, our Members can request services in many ways – by phone, by e-mail or through our website.  The request will be reviewed and discussed further with the Member if clarification is needed.  The request will then be forwarded to the list of Volunteers who have expressed an interest in providing that service (errands and phone check-ins at this time).  Once connected, the Volunteer will contact the member to make final plans – appointment time and place. 


Q:   What if a volunteer is not available? 

A:  This is where our database comes into play and why we are waiting to have 30 Volunteers to launch.  If we can’t meet a need with our own Volunteers, we may be able to connect Members with another organization that can help.  If those options don’t work, we can make a referral to one of our vetted paid providers. 


Q:   What are the most popular services the Volunteers provide?

A:   The services that Volunteers provide most often in existing villages include transportation (the most requested service), help with shopping and errands, household chores, gardening and light home repair and maintenance and support with in-home technology. 


Q:   Can I be both a Member and a Volunteer? 

A:   Yes! Volunteering is a great way to get to know more about the services and people in the Village. 


Q:   Can I make a donation? Are donations tax-deductible*? 

A:   Yes!  Absolutely!  We especially need support through this important period as we establish the services so that we can provide and recruit members while faced with a global public health challenge.  

*Seaglass Village is a 501© (3) and graciously accepts donations. Kindly make checks out to Seaglass Village and mail to Seaglass Village, c/o First Church Congregational, 40 Monument Ave, Swampscott, MA 01907.

 For tax deductibility questions, please consult your tax professional for specific guidance.


Q:   What is the best way to stay in touch? 

A:   You can email us at or call 781-718-0401.  You can also send us a message through our  Contact Page